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Broker Secrets

How To Buy a House & Save Money

 Save Thousands of Dollars

Buying Your Next Home

.What This Offering Will Do For You - Retired real estate broker tells you how to cut the best deal when buying your next property and shows you how to save thousands of dollars. Easy to comprehend, easy to do and easy to save a bundle!

Everybody wants to get a great deal when buying a House. For the past 20 years I have helped many, many people buy their houses because I can get them the best deals.

The reason I could and can get these great deals is that I have a system that works every time to get the house buyer the best deal possible on their home purchase! And further, this system will work ANYWHERE!!! I am a retired real estate broker and will share my expertise with you.

I have purchased many houses below the market value and have even gotten the sellers to carry the financing on some of these deals. These homes were in excellent condition too and not some run down wrecks. These techniques work with houses, condos, mobile homes and all real estate.

The system I have developed is really quite simple to follow and guarantees you the lowest possible purchase price for your new home, and it works with realtors or private individuals.

I’ve also got some pet financing sources that can provide rock bottom interest rates on home purchases and finance them with minimum down payments. Buy your next house at 10% to 20% below market value!

In Short

how to buy a house knowledge

Know what a real estate broker knows and save HUGE buying your next house.. Retired Real Estate Broker reveals all the secrets.







getting the house of your dreams



This is FUN !!!!

couple buying their house with our program


Many Satisfied Customers

satisfied customers

Customer Testimonials:

Below are just a few notes from some of our satisfied customers. We copied everything they sent, even the misspelling of the word lighting in item 7. These are just a small few of the positive testimonials we have received from our customers. We are proud of these and you can feel safe that your products will be received in an equally positive manner.
* Great Programs. Highly recommend this company! A+A+A+ …… Buyer raj0531
* Great information, recommend this company…… Buyer jhelik
* Excellent delivery and great product .......... Thanks!!!!..... Buyer justbs4u
* FAST Delivery. Great Information. A++…. Buyer clallen2000
* Awesome Product ...Awesome Seller ...Thanks! ...Best Mortgage info out!... Buyer lynch007
* Good Communication, Great Materials, Will buy from again…….. Buyer raj0531
* Lightning fast delivery - perfect transaction… Buyer amazingoz
* Great to do business with, Great information, recommend this company.… Buyer zulickys
* Quick Delivery Good Info…. Buyer texascrazy40
* Great information, highly recommend this seller! A+A+A+A+A+A+… Buyer raj0531
* Great Seller! Do Business With anytime! A+++++…. Buyer earlburch
* Great transaction. Good tools & Information. Highly Recommended. AAA+++. .Buyer modestobob
These are a small sample of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have heard from. We hope to add your byline in the near future


NOTICE: Like all software retailers, due to the ease of software copying, all sales are final. We guarantee the receipt of our products as advertised. We can not guarantee how our programs will be used and how much effort is used with any program. As a result, we can not guarantee the results from the use of any program.

Work at Home in a Real Home Business, these are proven top home businesses, easy & cheap to start; you could be in your business tomorrow as materials are emailed to buyer once their order is processed.



finding your home sweet home

Home Sweet Home


What You Get:

All Files & Programs in Excel & Word & .txt)

* Techniques and Excel programs to quickly appraise a homes true value & tell you how much home you can afford

* All Forms Necessary For the Sale - Valid Nationwide

* Forms to make the home search & comparisons easy

* Contracts to deal with “For Sale By Owner” sales

* Ways to structure the deal where the seller carries your loan

* Programs to quickly calculate your monthly payment

* Amortization Schedule program to know how much of each payment is interest & principal and what the loan balance is after each payment has been made

* Sources of the best institutional home financing … Many to 100% of your homes Value

* Tips on negotiating with the lenders

* Negotiating techniques that allow you to control the deal and get your price from the seller. These techniques will work anywhere!!!

* How to buy a house with little cash and poor credit

Upon receipt of payment, your Home Buying Magic will be emailed back to you for fast, easy download. You could be cutting a great deal on your new home tomorrow. And, once learned, this system will provide you a life-time of great home buying savings.






Broker Secrets Buying Real Estate

how to buy a house and save money

Peviously sold for $39.95 but on sale now for only





Upon receipt of payment your complete package will be emailed to you for fast easy download and save any Shipping & Handling fees. If you choose to get this material sent to you on disk via US Mail, please include $10.00 to cover additional shipping and handling.


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