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Buy Real Estate with NO Cash Down Payment

Just Like on TV only MUCH Cheaper - It's Easy & It Works! 

How To Buy Real Estate with NO Cash Down
Broker Secrets
Buying Real Estate With
None Of Your Own Cash

NO Cash Down & NO Bank Loans To Qualify For

What This Offering Will Do For You - The surest way to create wealth in America or anywhere is to own real estate. This shows you how to buy real estate with no money down. How to evaluate it, find rental values, etc. All forms & software are included to buy real estate with no cash down. This can easily be run from your home.

As a retired real estate investment broker I have always been fascinated with the possibility of buying real estate (a time tested great investment vehicle & guaranteed wealth builder) with no cash down and have this investment provide positive cash flow and substantial capital growth. I analyzed this and wrote several spreadsheet programs in Excel that allows you to analyze any house or duplex, apartment, whatever; and make this acquisition cash flow for you while providing the seller with the amount of cash they need and do this with none of your own money. More millionaires have been made using real estate as an investment vehicle than any other means. Now you can buy houses, condos, apartments, commercial buildings, industrial buildings etc. with no cash down payment out of your pocket.

This a fun program to use and very profitable. I use it all the time to buy houses that provide positive cash flow for me. You would be surprised at how many sellers will actually sell with no down if you present it properly. The seller does get cash with the sale (just not from the buyer) and the sale can close quickly with no realty fees, sellers love this. The seller will actually net more money and close faster selling this way than through a broker.

You will receive everything you need to Buy Real Estate with NO Cash From YOU. You will receive the cash flow analysis spreadsheet written in msExcel, Property Analysis sheet to gather your information on the property and an Intent to Purchase the property showing the seller the cash they will receive and how all the financing would be structured.

This spreadsheet makes it possible to acquire ANY property and have it cash flow for the buyer and provide the buyer with a substantial capital growth. We show you how to calculate the property value and the expected monthly rent, all contained on another spreadsheet.

The seller is happy with the cash received and cash flow they are getting, the tenant is not paying more than market rate for rent and the buyer is getting a positive monthly cash flow after paying monthly debt service payments, insurance and real estate taxes. The buyer is also making a huge capital gain through property ownership.

This is a WIN WIN WIN situation. Below is part of one of our screens from one of our programs.

Our instructions, spreadsheets and other program files show you how to value the property and determine what the property should rent for all based on local data which is easy to get from local real estate brokers and public records. We also provide you with residential leases, 3 day notice to pay or quit (how you evict a non-paying tenant), how to structure both a wrap-around deal using existing financing and how to buy a property that is free and clear. You will quickly see if the seller carried paper should be carried at a lower interest rate or interest only or perhaps deferring payment on part of the interest.

This deferral is where you are paying the seller say 8% on their equity but you are paying only 3% on a monthly basis to preserve cash flow and accruing the remaining 5%. In the deferral case, your mortgage balance will grow slightly instead of declining (which is normally the case) or staying the same as it would in an interest only situation.

Even with a deferred mortgage situation, the return to the buyer is phenomenal. Our manual is concise and to the point devoid of all the non-productive fluff and explains all this. The manual also explains how to use the spreadsheet, how to contact the seller, how to valuate the property, how to determine what the property should rent for, how to write the Intent to Purchase and close the deal. You have a BIG ADVANTAGE using this program in that you can quickly analyze a property, make the offer, explain the offer and close the deal much faster than waiting for a slow mortgage company. This is a BIG advantage to most sellers.

The spreadsheets are virtually "bullet proof". It's virtually impossible to hurt the spreadsheet but if you do, I recommend that you make copies of the programs to be sure you will always have a valid working copy to crunch your deal numbers. A few simple entries from you and the screen crunches all the numbers. It shows the property growing every year in value at a rate you specify and the mortgages balances declining based on the mortgage interest rate and term etc. It also shows the property cash flow, crunches property value and rental amount (based on your market data input). You only enter data on the specified lines and the spreadsheet crunches all the numbers for you.. If you don't like what you see, simply change a few numbers 'til you get the results you desire. Then print the spreadsheet and tailor your Intent to Purchase based on the information from the spreadsheet. It is just that simple and a very easy to build your net worth and retirement savings.. Complete instructions come with the program on how to use the spreadsheets and other programs.

Also included are some tips on approaching the seller, how to ask your questions, what questions to ask and how to interpret their answers. Your "Real Estate Buying with NO Down" will be mailed to you upon payment receipt. This can be a Win Win Win situation for buyer, seller and tenant. If the deal is structured properly and with our information you will be able to structure ANY deal properly. Your investment returns will be unbelievable. The spreadsheet shot above shows an annual IRR or Internal Rate of Return to the buyer of 1,356.19%....... not too bad I'd say. If you invested $1,000.00 a year at this rate, you would be worth $1,701,193.58 in ten (10) years! Think what it would be worth with NO Investment!!

This program is working so well that I am using it with a web site specifically designed to show sellers how the program could work for them. Once you purchase our program we will provide you with information on setting up your own web site to have your sellers view and show them how deals can be structured to either maximize their cash at closing or maximize their monthly income. It's a great tool to convey the nuts and bolts of the program to sellers.

We have made this spreadsheet bullet proof and idiot proof so you can work fast and error free.Enter the data on the house you are considering and the spreadsheet automatically calculates everything for you and allows you to analyze a potentialdeal in minutes; SEE BELOW.

screen shot of no down real estate program


Click Here to download the above spreadsheet screen shot. #

In Short

all the no down real estate knowledge

We use these services ourselves and have acted as consultants for some clients to purchase and then assign the contract to our clients..

working at home buying your next house with no cash down payment


Earnings Potential

Buy 2 - $100,000 properties a year and after 10 years and these properties will be worth about $2.5+ million. You will owe about $1.25 million leaving you with a net worth of about $1.25 million. Then sell off half of the properties to pay off the remaining balances on the other half and you will have 10 properties free and clear. If each of these properties produced $1,000 a month in clear rental income, your income would be $120,000 a year.

This is easier than you would think to do and it is really a lot of fun plus the money to be made is incredible!



You don't need any special training to be successful in this business. Everything you need is right here!


Satisfied Customers

satisfied customers


Customer Testimonials:

Below are just a few notes from some of our satisfied customers. We copied everything they sent, even the misspelling of the word lighting in item 7. These are just a small few of the positive testimonials we have received from our customers. We are proud of these and you can feel safe that your products will be received in an equally positive manner.
* Great Programs. Highly recommend this company! A+A+A+ …… Buyer raj0531
* Great information, recommend this company…… Buyer jhelik
* Excellent delivery and great product .......... Thanks!!!!..... Buyer justbs4u
* FAST Delivery. Great Information. A++…. Buyer clallen2000
* Awesome Product ...Awesome Seller ...Thanks! ...Best Mortgage info out!... Buyer lynch007
* Good Communication, Great Materials, Will buy from again…….. Buyer raj0531
* Lightning fast delivery - perfect transaction… Buyer amazingoz
* Great to do business with, Great information, recommend this company.… Buyer zulickys
* Quick Delivery Good Info…. Buyer texascrazy40
* Great information, highly recommend this seller! A+A+A+A+A+A+… Buyer raj0531
* Great Seller! Do Business With anytime! A+++++…. Buyer earlburch
* Great transaction. Good tools & Information. Highly Recommended. AAA+++. .Buyer modestobob
These are a small sample of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have heard from. We hope to add your byline in the near future

Here Is What We Provide To You:

(All 18 Files & Programs in Excel & Word & .txt)

* msExcel Spreadsheets (crunches ALL the numbers) Plus complete instructions

* Program To Set The Property Value

* Program To Set The Property Rental Rate

* Seller Contact Sheet with all the questions you should ask the seller

* Amortization Schedule to show how much each payment goes to principal & interest and current balance

* Property Analysis Sheet To Project Cash Flow & Equity Growth

* Creative Financing Explained

* Lease Option Forms and how to fill them out

* Intent to Purchase Agreements

* Residential Leases

* Offer To Purchase Real Estate

* 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit (for tenant eviction purposes if needed)

* Manual showing you "How To Do It" - How to Buy Real Esate with NO Down Payment

Use Public Records, Find & Analyze Local Rental & Sales Data, How to Use Spreadsheet, How to Talk with Seller, How to Write the Offer.... in short EVERYTHING you need to buy real estate with no money down.

We've taken all the grunt work out of the process and made it easy for to quickly and accurately get into this business

In Short: This is a simple system that shows you how to locate, analyze and buy local real estate with NO Down Payment.

All Files ready to put you in your own business tomorrow!

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our program.

Love the concept and it works. Yours is the only program to provide tools for valuing the houses, setting realistic rental amounts, and structuring the financing to insure that I make a positive cash flow every month after paying all mortgages, insurance and real estate taxes..... Great program. Shannon S. ......... California

II was new to real estate and a complete novice at finance. You program helped me quickly and accurately analyze my deals and provide the sellers the cash they were seeking and the net monthly cash flow I need to live on. Great program, great price and it works...... Thanks again........... Wendy D....... North Carolina

II knew nothing about real estate or investing. Your program showed me how to make the "no down" principles work for me and for my sellers. Your program is great and costs about 1/3 the price of similar program.... Good deal.... Britt M.... Indiana

I was skeptical that this would work but at this price I couldn't pass it up. I was concerned that I wasn't going to pay too much for the houses I bought. Your program made it easy for me to appraise the houses I bought and set the rental amounts to make these sales cash flow for me. I am happy with the houses I have bought, the cash flow I am receiving and how easy your program is to use. Linda D ...... Indiana

I was a novice at real estate. A friend of ours is an appraiser and he was surprised how accurately I could set property values and rents using your system. I love how I can input a few numbers and manipulate the property cash flow until I get it just right to satisfy the seller and my cash flow demands. Kirsten T ..... Ohio

I have bought other similar programs at three times the cost of yours and they didn't show me how to set property values or rental amounts, nor did they provide an easy way to crunch the numbers to always put the property in a positive cash flow position after paying all monthly costs of ownership. I love looking at the future cash flow projections and how my equity grows with your program also. These are all very important functions to me and not provided with similar real estate buying with no down programs. Great program, it is making our dreams come true.... Scott H. ..... Indiana

Our program as defined above was only $59.95 NOW $29.95 . This is about 1/6th the price of other programs and they don't have our exclusive spreadsheets for fast, error-free deal analysis. This is the total price as shipping and handling is included. This is quite inexpensive when compared to similar programs on the market today. This is cheap and it works. All files, 18 in all, are shipped by return email, normally within 24 hours. These programs use msExcel and msWord file formats. I use this program to buy rental houses and multi-family units. It works and it's fun to use. To Receive this package on disk via US Mail, please add an additional $5.00 to cover shipping and handling.



Buying Real Estate With NO Down Payment


buying real estate with no down payment system

Previously sold for $59.95 but on sale now for only





Upon receipt of payment your complete package will be emailed to you for fast easy download and save any Shipping & Handling fees. If you choose to get this material sent to you on disk via US Mail, please include $10.00 to cover additional shipping and handling.


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YOUR Future Today


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buying real estate with no down like on tv


NOTICE: Like all software retailers, due to the ease of software copying, all sales are final. We guarantee the receipt of our products as advertised. We can not guarantee how our programs will be used and how much effort is used with any program. As a result, we can not guarantee the results from the use of any program.

Work at Home in a Real Home Business, these are proven top home businesses, easy & cheap to start; you could be in your business tomorrow as materials are emailed to buyer once their order is processed.


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