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Periodically, I get asked how “real” these businesses really are. I can appreciate their concern as there are many scams on the internet. I pride myself on the feedback these products have received from past customers. When you visit our site, RealHomeBusinesses.com, be sure to note what our past customers have to say about our products. Generally speaking, they are quite pleased with the content and scope of these business packages and our timely delivery and the fact that we are available by email and phone to answer questions that may arise.

I’m also asked how I got in the business of selling these businesses on RealHomeBusinesses.com. Well, over the years I have always work from home and I’ve started many of these businesses primarily finance related. I have been in business working from home since 1980. I figured that if the President of the United States could work from home, so could I. I’ve sold real estate, investment real estate, done appraisals, mortgages, brokered small business sales, bought real estate with no cash down, consulted small businesses, imported products and the list goes on and on. Then I started to get questions from my friends like… how do you discount paper?, how can I buy this house with no cash down? Or what is this business worth and is this business in good health etc. I would answer these questions and often put together a little booklet and/or spreadsheet to help them complete the given task. Needless to say, they were really pleased with the information I provided them and would comment that I should sell this stuff. Well, after hearing this for several years I decided to do just that; sell this information.

If you are seeking to start a home business or a home business for mom or a Christian home business or home business ideas or a small business or other ways to work at home or work from home; this is it.

I wanted to sell REAL, useful information that people could really use to make some money. I saw through MLM schemes early on and never wanted to be associated with them as I view them as a scam and similar to a chain letter that promises the world but delivers nothing. I wanted to show people how a given business works, how we worked it and to solicit those who may be interested in working with us in Business Consulting, Buying/Selling Notes etc.

So when you visit RealHomeBusinesses.com you are not just visiting a site selling a bunch of junk you are visiting a site that sells business insight that has proven itself to work in the past and will continue to work into the future. Our stuff works and our customers are quite pleased with the offerings provided.

Visit us at RealHomeBusinesses.com and check us out and see what others have to say about us and more importantly, what you think. Hope to see you soon. You could be in YOUR profitable business tomorrow. - T J Stewart, Founder & CEO

We are in the business of Business Consulting also. Visit My-Biz-Doc.com for more information. Also, we are engaged in the buying and selling of private notes. Visit National-Note-Buyer.com for more information about selling your private paper.

In Short

extensive knowledge on starting your home buisiness

In Short:we offer real useful information and all the tools to work these businesses and our other offerings as well.

We offer many of these services to our clients on www.My-Biz-Doc.com and we could work with you if you desire..

home business is fun


You don't need any special training to be successful in this business. Everything you need is right here!


If you are looking for a REAL Home Business, you have come to the right place


Many Satisfied Customers

many satisfied customers

Customer Testimonials:


many happy home business workers

Satisfied Customers

We are proud on how well these offerings have been received by the buying public. Below are just a few notes from some of our satisfied customers.

We copied everything they sent, even the misspelling of the word lighting in item 7. These are just a small few of the positive testimonials we have received from our customers.

We are proud of these and you can feel safe that your products will be received in an equally positive manner.

* Great Programs. Highly recommend this company! A+A+A+ …… Buyer raj0531

* Great information, recommend this company…… Buyer jhelik

* Excellent delivery and great product .......... Thanks!!!!.... Buyer justbs4u

* FAST Delivery. Great Information. A++…. Buyer clallen2000

* Awesome Product ...Awesome Seller ...Thanks! ...Best Mortgage info out!... Buyer lynch007

* Good Communication, Great Materials, Will buy from again…….. Buyer raj0531

* Lightning fast delivery - perfect transaction… Buyer amazingoz

* Great to do business with, Great information, recommend this company.… Buyer zulickys

* Quick Delivery Good Info…. Buyer texascrazy40

* Great information, highly recommend this seller! A+A+A+A+A+A+… Buyer raj0531

* Great Seller! Do Business With anytime! A+++++…. Buyer earlburch

* Great transaction. Good tools & Information. Highly Recommended. AAA+++. .Buyer modestobob

These are a small sample of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have heard from. We hope to add your byline in the near future


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