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Become A Local Business Consultant

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Business Consultants USA

You Can Make Great Money Helping Small Businesses At Low Prices

This Business Is Recession PROOF:
In Good Times Business Need Us To Expand
In Bad Times Business Need Us To Survive

We Need Consultants... In All Areas.. Will Train
The Ultimate Home Business Too
Great Income Potential

Join us today! We want to put a consultant in every market and small town across the country as soon as possible. Small Business Needs Our Help.

What This Offering Will Do For You - Locate, analyze & evaluate small business clients in your area and help them become more profitable, get funding, sell their business etc. All forms are included to allow you to make large fees helping local businesses with the services they need and want. We are also available to you to help you through each deal. This is a business that can be run from your home.

Summary of This Business Offering Below:
We Need Consultants... In All Areas.. Will Train

How This Business Works:

We are actively seeking Field Business Consultants to join us in the exciting field of Business Consulting. We will work with you and train you and do much of the work producing consulting products. We show you how to find the business clients in your area and what info to gather so we can produce the needed reports to accomplish the business owners goals.

You send us the information we specify and we assemble the finished product send the finished product back to you for client presentation.

You collect all fees and send us our portion along with the info we need to produce the product and you keep everything above our fee. It’s simple, you make great fees, you get paid first and we produce the products. What could be easier or more profitable?

Call us with your questions toll free; (866) 935-3100 and ask for Tom. Also, Visit US at our Business Consulting site also;

Some of our Field Business Consultants work part-time to supplement their income and others do this full time, the choice is yours and the pay is the say and there is never any quotas to meet or other criteria; you work when and how you want.

In a nutshell. We show you how to get business clients. You meet with them, they tell you what they want to accomplish, we tell you what items to get from the owner, you send these items to us and we furnish what is needed and send it to you for client presentation. If questions arise, we are always available to answer your or their questions in a timely manner. The client pays you the fees, and you send us our portion along with the requested information and we send you back the finished product for client presentation. You always get paid first and we don't make money if you don't make money.

What Services We/You Will Offer:

This Small Business Offering Includes: (We Offer What Small Business Demands) It’s important to offer what the small business community and seeks the most. We work with business clients and other consultants across the USA.

* Guaranteed Profit Development - No Additional Profits.... No Fee To Us & We Always Get Our Fees

* Business Appraisals and Valuations – Disinterested 3d Party Expert Tells What’s That Business is Really Worth?

* Comprehensive Financial Analysis – Financial Health Check Up; What's Wrong & How To Fix It

* Business Productivity Study – See How Productive Their Workers Are & What Their Lack of Productivity Is Costing The Owner

* Business Plans - Help to Get The Financing They Need

* Business Loans & Venture Capital - Our Sources Often Say Yes, When Their Bank Says No

* Small Business Accounting or Bookkeeping - Have The Business Owner Spend Their Time Making Money & Not Doing Accounting

* Private Note Buyer (Get All Cash for the Payments You Receive From Private Loans & Notes) - We Buy Seller Carry-Back Financing

* “For-Sale-By-Owner” Business Sales Package – Owner Can Sell Their Business Themselves & Save the 15% Broker Fee

* Business Brokerage – Buy/Sell in Indiana Only

In Short

thorough business consulting knowledge

We will show you how to meet with local business people and show them what we can do for them. You will gather the information we need to either do the analysis or in other ways work for the client. You will collect the fees from the business client and deduct your portion of the fee and send our portion to us along with the information gathered so we can start to work for your client. With many of our services you get paid first. With our appraisals, analysis and business plans; we will process the information and send the finished product back to you for final client presentation.

Each of our offerings requires different material to be gathered but we will show you what we need and will always be available for contact via phone, e-mail, fax or US mail. You can make a good income helping local business people. You will be the local "Go To Guy" for professional, affordable business services that all businesses need. All you have to do and be is presentable and confident that you can help them! There is no licensing that I know of to enter this business.

This is such a great Business !!! and so Simple to Operate !!!

We offer these services to our clients on and we could work with you if you desire..

working from home as a business consultant is fun and profitable



Earnings Potential

Your Income Potential can be over $100,000 a year. You uncover the client’s need and we furnish all the reports to accomplish their goals. And remember, we will work with you on your deals to insure your success.


Earnings Potential

sample business consulting income


Satisfied Customers

satisfied customers


Customer Testimonials:

Below are just a few notes from some of our satisfied customers. We copied everything they sent, even the misspelling of the word lighting in item 7. These are just a small few of the positive testimonials we have received from our customers. We are proud of these and you can feel safe that your products will be received in an equally positive manner.
* Great Programs. Highly recommend this company! A+A+A+ …… Buyer raj0531
* Great information, recommend this company…… Buyer jhelik
* Excellent delivery and great product .......... Thanks!!!!..... Buyer justbs4u
* FAST Delivery. Great Information. A++…. Buyer clallen2000
* Awesome Product ...Awesome Seller ...Thanks! ...Best Mortgage info out!... Buyer lynch007
* Good Communication, Great Materials, Will buy from again…….. Buyer raj0531
* Lightning fast delivery - perfect transaction… Buyer amazingoz
* Great to do business with, Great information, recommend this company.… Buyer zulickys
* Quick Delivery Good Info…. Buyer texascrazy40
* Great information, highly recommend this seller! A+A+A+A+A+A+… Buyer raj0531
* Great Seller! Do Business With anytime! A+++++…. Buyer earlburch
* Great transaction. Good tools & Information. Highly Recommended. AAA+++. .Buyer modestobob
These are a small sample of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have heard from. We hope to add your byline in the near future

Here Is What We Provide To You:

(32l Files & Programs in Excel & Word & .txt)

* Explanation of How To Become A Business Consultant

* US Mail Flyer to Attract Business Consulting Clients,

* Business Consulting Introduction Letter,

* Sample Business Appraisal and Comprehensive Financial Analysis,

* Contract to Order Business Appraisal & Re-Cast Financial Statements,

* Productivity Study Form,

* Computer Services Agreement,

* Business Consulting Brochure,

* Business Appraisal & Financial Analysis Order Form & Authorization Form,

* Contract For Financial Services authorizing your fees,

* Financial Agreement,

* Business Appraisal Questionnaire,

* Excel Spreadsheet to Quickly assemble Income Statement & Balance when none are available,

* Questionnaires for Notes for Sale,

* Brochure Telling How We Buy Private Notes,

* Co-Broker Agreements,

* Non-Circumvention Agreements,

* Sample Ads To Atract Consulting Clients,

* Business Loan SBA Application,

* Commercial Business Loan Application,

* Credit Release Form so you can run their credit,

* How To Assemble A Business Plan and Loan Package,

* Letter Explaining What is Needed to Assemble A Business Plan or Loan Package,

* How The Business Works,

* Brochure to Potential Business Appraisal Client,

* Equipment Leasing Application,

* Spreadsheet in Excel to calculate your loan fees, monthly loan payment & APR with your fees

* Personal Financial Statements for your clients ,

* Website Design Brochure,

* Website Design Questions Answered and What is Needed To Start,

* All Forms necessary to run this business including sample business cards, envelopes and stationary written in msPublisher.

* Business Consultants Stationary Templates Including; Letterhead, Envelopes & Business Cards in msPublisher

In Short: This program will show you how to get clients, gather the necessary information and present it to funders. You could be in this exciting business tomorrow!

All Files ready to put you in your own business tomorrow!



Become a Local Small Business Consultant


business consulting book

Previously sold for $199.95 but on sale now for only







Upon receipt of payment your complete package will be emailed to you for fast easy download and save any Shipping & Handling fees. If you choose to get this material sent to you on disk via US Mail, please include $10.00 to cover additional shipping and handling.


Get Started on

YOUR Future Today


own the american dream


Live the American Dream

from the comfort of your own Home


business consulting is a great home business


NOTICE: Like all software retailers, due to the ease of software copying, all sales are final. We guarantee the receipt of our products as advertised. We can not guarantee how our programs will be used and how much effort is used with any program. As a result, we can not guarantee the results from the use of any program.

Work at Home in a Real Home Business, these are proven top home businesses, easy & cheap to start; you could be in your business tomorrow as materials are emailed to buyer once their order is processed.



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big earnings potential as a business consultant

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work with us from home as a local business consultant


You don't need any special training to be successful in this business. Everything you need is right here!


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