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Knot Tying

Knot Tying
Better Than Bungee Cords &
Last A Lot Longer

Attention: Sailor * Scout * Outdoorsman * Hiker * Camper * Boater * Fisherman * Hunter * Working Man

Knowing how to tie the best knot in a rope can be a real life saver at times and they are so easy to tie. The knots I recommend can and will link two ropes together, tie a boat to a mooring, lash a line to a post, hold a tarp down, secure furniture in the back of a truck and much much more.

Each knot is illustrated to make it easy for you to see how it is done.

Our program will show you illustrations and verbal narrative to tie 42 different useful knots, including:

1. Reef Knot or Square Knot
2. Sheepshank to shorten rope
3. Clove Hitch to lash a rope to a post or pole
4. Bowline to tie a loop that will not slip
5. How To Whip rope ends to secure them
6. Timber Hitch to wrap around a log to pull it back to camp
7. Fisherman's Knot to tie hooks on your line
8. Rolling Hitch
9. Bowline (From a different perspective)
10. Clove Hitch (From a different perspective)
11. Sheet Bend
12. Figure On a Bight Eight
13. Double Sheet Bend
14. Fisherman's Bend or Anchor Bend
15. Fisherman's Knot
16. Hanson Knot
17. Hitching Tie
18. Hunter's Bend
19. Lariat Loop
20. Lark's Head (Sailing Knot)
21. Man-Harness Knot
22. Marlinspike Hitch (Carry tools up on a rope)
23. Miller's Knot
24. Mooring Hitch (Great for boat mooring & other uses)
25. Packer's Knot
26. Rolling Hitch
27. Sheepshank
28. Sheet Bend (From another perspective)
29. Short Splice (Tying ropes together)
30. Slip Knot (Easy sliding knot)
31. Slippery Half Hitch (Quick & easily removed but holds strong)
32. Slippery Sheet Bend
33. Square Knot
34. Stevedore's Knot
35. Strangle Knot
36. Chain Hitch
37. Surgeon's Knot
38. Tautline Hitch
39. Halyard Bend
40. Chain Hitch
41. Alpine Butterfly
42. Pipe Hitch

In Short

the books of knots

Use any rope and secure your belongings with secure knots, many are quick release for fast untying.



credit cards






Time Tested Knots can secure your belongs

knot tying with any rope

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What You Get:

All Files & Programs in Excel & Word & .txt)

To summarize; Illustrated Guide to tie 42 useful knots

.knot tying book

Tie Knots with Any Rope; Safe, Secure and Cheaper than Bungee Cords

Its Simple to Use, FAST and Best of ALL ...... IT WORKS !!!!!.




How To Tie 42 Useful Knots

how to tie rope knots


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