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Everything on this site was developed and used profitably by me. Having spent a lifetime starting and owning small businesses, particularly in the finance industry, I have been repeatedly asked for material on starting various businesses which I would assemble for them.

This happened so often that I saved the material so I would have it ready if someone else asked for it. Then someone told me that I should sell this information and that’s what started this website.

As I mentioned above I developed all this including all the software and the forms and used it to profitably run each business. The other information offered came from other hobbies, interests and working tools for other endeavors like buying real estate or cars etc. You won’t find this information any place but here and our prices are unbeatable.

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Business Opportunities – That Can Be Worked From Home

Becoming a Local Small Business Consultant– We offer all the programs, forms & expertise necessary to become a profit generating business consultant in your area. You could work by yourself or with us and share fees.

Note Brokering - Work from home brokering seller carry-back loans or notes. We've included all the contacts, forms and computer programs to make your business profitable.

Equipment Leasing Broker– Many smart businesses Lease their equipment instead of buying it and taking out a loan. This is a very profitable yet simple business to start and to run.

How to Buy a Local Small Business– This includes all the software programs, forms, contracts etc. that professional business brokers use to buy small businesses and everything is valid nationwide.

How To Flip Houses – Like on TV – This includes all the software programs, forms, contracts etc. needed to find the property to buy, how much to pay, estimate what your rehab cost will be, how to sell the property & estimate your profit & more.

How To Buy Real Estate With NO Down Payment– Includes all the software programs, forms, contracts etc. needed to find the property to buy, how much to pay based on local property info readily available from your computer.

Real Estate Development– Putting together a housing development is easier than you think and can be done with little or none of your own cash.  Includes all the software programs, forms, contracts etc. needed to find the land to buy, how much to pay based on local property info readily available from your computer, how to estimate how many lots you can cut including streets etc. This is a gold mine.

Become a Local Business Broker- This includes all the software programs, forms, contracts etc. that professional business brokers use to buy small businesses and everything is valid nationwide. This may require local licensing so check with your state Secretary of state’s office. Typical fees are 10% to 15% of the business selling price.

DIY Business Loans– Typically your bank will turn you down for a business loan, especially start-ups. While nobody can guarantee you’ll get a loan these lenders often say yes when your bank says no.

Small Business Accounting System– This is a SIMPLE single entry system to keep track of income and expenses along with inventory & equipment purchases and it furnishes you with a professional looking Income Statement & Balance Sheet right from your computer. It is written in Excel.

Direct Response Sales Number Cruncher– Whether you sell by mail order or on the web knowing all the numbers is crucial to knowing what to pay for advertising or per click so you are turning a profit. It calculates your cost per sale, break even and revenue forecast based on REAL number and not some pie in the sky.  Use the numbers the big guys use to profit.

Online Sales Price Tester - Test for the optimum product or service price to maximize total revenue. If your price is too low you are leaving money on the table, if it is too high you discourage sales. The statistically right price maximized sales and profits.

Calculate House Values and Rental Amounts for any house in the country. Great for investors or home buyers or renters. All info available online for quick easy and accurate value and rental projections.

Small Business Appraisal - Quick, easy and accruate program to calculate the value of any small business.

House Rehab Cost Calculator - Quickly, accurately and easily calculate the cost to rehab a house. All you do is check boxes & read the results.

Commercial Real Estate Value Estimator - Use the method the pros use. You just enter a few values and read the value estimate. Also shows mortgage amount, down payment amount and monthly mortgage payment.

eBay & Amazon Pre-List Profit Calculator - Know your products best selling price and all fees associated with listing and selling the product before you list it. Best know the profit or loss before you spend all the time and effort on the sale This also helps to structure the sale so you DO make a profit.

Real Estate Investor Special - Get all the real estate investment tools, software, contracts and forms at a discount

Real Estate Wholesale Flipping - Great Profits without any physical labor or investing in any housing materials.

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Many Satisfied Customer

many satisfied customers


Customer Testimonials:

Below are just a few notes from some of our satisfied customers. We copied everything they sent, even the misspelling of the word lighting in item 7. These are just a small few of the positive testimonials we have received from our customers. We are proud of these and you can feel safe that your products will be received in an equally positive manner.
* Great Programs. Highly recommend this company! A+A+A+ …… Buyer raj0531
* Great information, recommend this company…… Buyer jhelik
* Excellent delivery and great product .......... Thanks!!!!..... Buyer justbs4u
* FAST Delivery. Great Information. A++…. Buyer clallen2000
* Awesome Product ...Awesome Seller ...Thanks! ...Best Mortgage info out!... Buyer lynch007
* Good Communication, Great Materials, Will buy from again…….. Buyer raj0531
* Lightning fast delivery - perfect transaction… Buyer amazingoz
* Great to do business with, Great information, recommend this company.… Buyer zulickys
* Quick Delivery Good Info…. Buyer texascrazy40
* Great information, highly recommend this seller! A+A+A+A+A+A+… Buyer raj0531
* Great Seller! Do Business With anytime! A+++++…. Buyer earlburch
* Great transaction. Good tools & Information. Highly Recommended. AAA+++. .Buyer modestobob

These are a small sample of the hundreds of satisfied customers we have heard from. We hope to add your byline in the near future

Some Money Savers & Other Good Stuff

Easily Calculate House Values & Monthly Rents - Quickly & Easily calculate housing values & what the monthly rents should be, ideal for home buyers, investors or renters. Valid nationwide.

Quickly Estimate Rehab Costs to fix up a run down house. Valid nationwide & adjusted for annual inflation.

Quick & Easy Price Tester - This program tells you the highest and best price for your product or service based on current market data.

Quick Small Business Appraisal - You enter a few numbers from the business financial statements & the program tells you the value.

Pre-List Profit Estimator - Ideal for eBay & Amazon sellers where based on market data and all the fees tells you if you will make any money before you even list the item for sale.

How To Sell Your Home By-Owner & Save– Broker secrets selling your house or condo to get the best price, sell it quickly & safely and save the 6% to 7% real estate brokerage fee.

How To Pick Football Winners– Using your morning paper & your computer Excel program you will be able to pick the winner 75% to 90% of the time. It even calculates the quarterback rating for each quarterback. Ideal for the pools at work or bets with your buddies.

How To Throw The Big League Pitches– Illustrated booklet for either right-hander or left-hander shows the grip & arm movement to make the pitch work. Pitches addressed: fastball, curve, change-up, knuckle ball,

How To Tie 42 Useful Knots– Better than bungee cords and cheaper too. Whether you are an outdoorsman, scout, sailor, handyman or just somebody who needs to tie knots this illustrated booklet will show you how. Very handy to know.

Bible Summary– Like Cliff’s Notes of the entire Bible, book by book. You can read & understand the whole Bible in one nights reading plus it includes the books of the Apocrypha or un-included books of scripture discussed on the History Channel.

Cheap & Easy Weight Loss -Why spend thousands on special foods or classes when you know if you consume less and exercise more you will lose weight. This easy to follow plan is easily tailored to each individual to achieve your results in the shortest period of time. Train your body & metabolism to do with less and you keep the weight off too.

Amazing Card Tricks– Great ice breaker when around new people or just to amaze your friends. These tricks work with any deck of cards.  There are countless variations & combinations of these tricks to make you the hit of any party.

Want To Save a Few Thousand Buying Your Next Car?– Car dealers deal every day and you don’t. This plan turns the tables on them and gets you great deals. With private sellers it works even better. This is why everybody wants me to cut their car deal for them.

Broker Secrets Buying Your Next House– I’ll share all the tools I use as a real estate broker to get great deals buying real estate; contracts, forms, computer programs and all the how to info you need to get a great deal on your next purchase.

Credit Repair The Easy & Cheap Way– There is no need to pay a so-called professional to improve your credit score. This plan has all the forms, contacts etc. to get the job done quickly and cheaply. Improved credit can save you thousands in high interest charges, get better deals on auto insurance and even help you get a better job.

Music Key Transposer– If you play a musical instrument like me and you need to change the key of a song to suit a singer this is for you. This little computer quickly & easily changes each note or chord from one key to another accurately & quickly.

Golf Computer– Put this on your smart phone and keep score for your foursome, figure golf handicaps, get tips on tricky lies or weather conditions, figure you optimum club distances and more. Improve your game today.

Local Auction Computer – All around you there are weekly auctions going on for household items and business equipment of all types. This is ideal for finding inventory to sell on ebay or just getting great deals on stuff. Put on your smartphone & check out item prices & it tells you what your maximum bid would be.

How To Buy Private Notes– All around you there are private loans or notes from the sale of local real estate or small businesses that are available for purchase and you can structure these purchases to safely generate amazingly high rates of return for you.

Retirement Plan Through Real Estate  - Today few workers enjoy a valid retirement plan from their place of work. Even if you do have a retirement plan this is a great way to augment it.

Winning Poker & Blackjack Systems– In my youth I loved to gamble and would get upset when I lost so being a math guy I figured out these games using sophisticated mathematics and distilled this information down to go, no go, raise actions for each card dealt. Since using these systems I am rarely the big winner but I am consistently the 2nd biggest winner at the table.

Horse Betting System– Using our Excel program & material you can get free off the Internet you can quickly and easily handicap your next day at the track and win for a change. This system along with handicapping the handicappers provides consistent winners.

Mortgage or Rent Qualifying Program - Quickly qualify your buyer for a mortgage or your tenant for the monthly rent the way a banker does.

Miricle Slip-Tite - The Simple, Quick & Stylish way to keep your pants from slipping down - better than belts or suspenders

CBD Calculator - How to get the best price when buying CBD oil, how to use it for max benefits & professional articles on what it can do and use


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